_Planned Maintenance Packages_

Programmed annual call out
One maintenance visit per annum to clean and carry out a safety check
Replacement of LED Illumination products as required
Pull test and conditional report of signage
Clean all paintwork and repaint signage if necessary



Asset Tagging & Register

We understand that measuring the life cycle of your product is important to determine the value and efficiency of your signage. As part of our service to you, we will asset tag all of your products and create an asset register documenting the location, type and age of each sign.


Each time a visit is undertaken, quality and efficiency information will be gathered and added to the register. This will create a full picture of your estate signage enabling you to measure quality, value and effectiveness via an annual report.

Conditional Survey Report

The maintenance of your signs is not just for aesthetic purposes, your health and safety obligations are of paramount importance. Astley offer a planned conditional survey which checks all safety aspects of the signage giving you peace of mind that your signage and the associated fixing methods are secure.